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Wills and Powers of Attorney

When devising an estate plan, we will first email you a client information form for you to complete and bring to your initial session to help you determine: (1) what assets you have; (2) which assets will pass through probate and which assets will pass through beneficiary designation or joint ownership; (3) whom you wish to share in your estate; and (4) whom you want to manage your estate when you pass.  If you have minor children you also need to decide whom you want to take care of your children and whom you would want to take care of your children’s money.  The client also needs to think of whom they would want to handle their finances if they became incapacitated and whom they would want to make health care decisions if they no longer could do so.

Generally there is an initial visit to discuss these matters, the documents are then drafted and mailed, and the client returns for a second visit to sign the documents.

Trusts and Guardianships for minor children
If you have minor children, it is important to create a trust so that a third party can manage your children’s money if you and your spouse die in a common accident.  Your will also designates an individual to care for your children if they are minors when you die.